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Shuangcheng laser senior fitter returns several bank cards to the original owner





'Gold' not only symbolizes money, but also a kind heart like gold. Today, Wang Gong, a senior fitter of Shuangcheng laser in Wuhan, picked up the gold and returned the cash and personal certificates to their original owners, which was praised by everyone.

'I didn't expect to find my lost wallet. Besides cash, there are many important documents in it. Thank you very much.' On the day of the incident, Mr. Tian took Wang Gong's hand to express his sincere thanks.

That morning, Wang Gong, who was preparing to go to work, found a bag at the gate of Hongli Industrial Park. There is a thick stack of cash in the bag, as well as bank cards, ID cards and other items.

After anxiously searching for the lost owner, Wang Gong immediately sent out a notice of the wallet information he found. At this time, the owner came to look for the lost wallet, and Wang Gong returned it after confirming his identity.

'That morning, when I was about to go to work, I accidentally dropped my wallet out at the gate of the industrial park. I didn't pay attention at that time. When I found that my wallet was lost, I was very anxious.' Mr. Tian said that when he thought of the large number of people in the industrial park and the large amount of cash in the bag, he felt that the hope of finding his wallet was very slim, but he didn't expect to recover within half an hour. He felt very warm.

'You must hand in the things you pick up. It's nothing.' Wang Gong said that it is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to find the treasure. As an ordinary worker, he should also practice the brand image of 'find the treasure'.

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