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Improving quality and production efficiency of hand-held laser welding machine in water tank





Laser welding is a widely used technology in modern manufacturing industry, which has the advantages of beautiful weld, fast speed, good sealing, etc. it plays an important role in the manufacture of kitchenware, doors and windows, machinery, aerospace, ships and automobiles. So, can the water tank also adopt welding process in the manufacturing process? The answer is yes. The main reasons are as follows:

===Water tank manufacturing materials===

Most of modern water tanks are made of stainless steel. This kind of material has a prominent feature - strong welding performance.

Welded stainless steel water tank is widely used in the regulation of building water supply, storage of stainless steel water tank, hot water insulation storage of hot water supply system, condensation of stainless steel water tank, etc. The stainless steel water tank standard solves the defects of traditional water tank, such as difficult manufacture and installation, poor anti-corrosion effect, short service life, easy leakage of assembled water tank, easy aging of rubber strip, etc. The utility model has the advantages of high manufacturing standardization, flexible manufacturing, no lifting equipment and no pollution of water quality.

After the traditional welding method is adopted, there is stress concentration in the welding area, which makes the metal brittle, and it is easy to produce defects such as sand holes, bubbles, microcracks, dust scraping and so on, which makes the performance of the structure in these positions lower than that in non welding areas. This is unacceptable in fiber laser welding machines.

The welding process and operation related technology of the optical fiber laser welding machine are simple, and the welding products can be started after 3 hours of training. Ordinary workers are easy to handle. And the process is stable. For stainless steel as a material, welding is easy. The thickness of water tank is generally only about 1-1.5mm, which is conducive to batch production of water tank.

===Working characteristics===

The welding seam is full, the outer welding surface of the water tank is smooth, beautiful, free of slag inclusion, weld beading, air hole and crack, the welding interface is free of concave crack, separation and hand cutting. The weld of the tank shall be polished. The flat bottom plate of stainless steel water tank shall be kept flat. The connection of stainless steel water tank must be well welded and kept vertical as far as possible.

===Use properties===

The water tank shall be filled with water, without leakage or obvious deformation, and shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant full water test terms of steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel. The water tank shall be vertical when erected. The actual capacity of stainless steel water tank shall not be less than the nominal volume.

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