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One after another orders make the Shuangcheng laser factory busy





Now the production task of Shuangcheng laser is in full production. With the increasing market demand, it is increasingly busy. Every day, there are large transport vehicles to pull goods.


In order to mobilize the work passion of employees under high pressure and ensure the timely delivery of goods with high quality, Shuangcheng laser carried out a series of activities for employees of the company. Mobilize employees' work passion through various activities.



In order to meet the needs of customers' orders as much as possible, in the case of tight time and heavy tasks, all departments are more closely united, pay attention to strengthening team cooperation, pay more attention to the production site management while focusing on the quality of equipment in the production work. The general manager knows the production and processing needs and related problems of workers in the workshop, as well as the life problems of some employees. The general manager's boos and greetings also affected the employees' emotions; the company's senior leaders rushed forward, and also led the production line and logistics personnel to ensure that materials and accessories are in place. Now the monthly production is much higher than last year.




Continuous high-strength work pressure, although many employees have increased the pressure, but watching each laser cutting machine shipped out of the company, or hearing the words of thanks to the factory acceptance customer satisfaction, a sense of pride also arises, and the production of labor is gone. We have demonstrated our self-worth through the company's platform, our own labor achievements have been recognized, the company's brand has been recognized by customers, which is also the pride of Shuangcheng laser employees.


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