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Differences and characteristics between laser cutting machine and numerical control punch





Now, because the market needs to update the product requirements quickly, it puts forward higher requirements for the flexibility of processing equipment. The application of laser cutting machine brings new vitality to the processing industry. Compared with the traditional CNC punch, the laser cutting machine has the advantages of 3C   3S: cooling (fast cooling), cleaning (clean), calming (low noise), of course (reliable), preservation (SAFE), preservation (preservation), but in the whole processing market, the laser cutting machine and CNC punch are equally divided. Why? Then the following two into the laser introduced five points of knowledge, so that everyone can understand the laser cutting machine and CNC punch.

1. Handling materials

Laser cutting machine can cut metal materials (including ferrous metal   non-ferrous metal, such as carbon steel   stainless steel   silicon steel   galvanized plate   aluminum alloy  )   non metal materials (acrylic   plastic   wood plate   cloth   leather   carpet, etc.). It can cut up to 20 mm thick carbon steel. CNC presses can only press metal materials basically, and the thickness is generally not more than 6mm.

2. Handling flexibility

From the point of view of flexibility, laser cutting machine has the advantage of cutting any shape of hole with the size of   while the punch can only make a few limited size holes (32 station turret is very large), while the shape of   when using large size holes, using small mold stamping process, the efficiency is low, and the die wear is very serious. In order to meet the processing requirements of different products, NC punch must purchase a large number of molds (different sizes   the same size but different thickness of materials), in addition, a warehouse must be prepared for storing the molds, and the mold management is increased. In addition, CNC punch has higher requirements for flatness of sheet metal.

3. Precision   roughness

Laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, no stress, no deformation, positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm, workpiece accuracy ± 0.1mm, cutting part is delicate and smooth; the accuracy of CNC punch is slightly poor, the punching part has burr, workpiece has deformation.

4.   function   limitation

Laser cutting machine and numerical control punch have their own functional limitations.

If it is necessary to realize the functions (processes) of shutter   shallow extension   sink hole   flange hole   rib   embossing, only CNC punch can be used; for saw blade with sound-absorbing seam shown on the left side of the figure below, only laser cutting machine can complete this work.

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