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What is the use of laser cutting auxiliary gas?





Principle of laser cutting

Laser cutting is to use high-power and density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to make it melt, gasify and break, so as to cut off the material.

Classification of main laser cutting methods

① Gasification cutting: use high-energy, high-density laser beam to heat the workpiece, the surface temperature of the material rises to the boiling point rapidly, part of the material gasification disappears, part of the material is blown away from the bottom of the cutting seam by the auxiliary gas, gasification to form the material incision.

Gasification cutting is mainly used for cutting extremely thin metal materials and some non-metallic materials that cannot be melted, such as wood, carbon materials, plastics and rubber.

② Melting and cutting: use high-energy and high-density laser beam to heat the workpiece to melt the material, and spray high-pressure non oxidation gas (such as AR, he, N2, etc.) into the nozzle to discharge the melted material to form a material incision.

Melting cutting is mainly used for cutting materials or active metals that are not easy to oxidize, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and their alloys.

(3) Oxidation melting cutting: using high-energy, high-density laser beam as preheating heat source, nozzle blowing high-pressure oxygen and other active gases as cutting gas. On the one hand, the high-pressure oxygen reacts with the cutting metal to release a large amount of oxidation heat, on the other hand, it blows the molten oxide and molten substance out of the reaction area to form a material incision.

Oxidation melting cutting is mainly used for carbon steel, titanium steel and heat treatment steel and other easily oxidized metal materials.

(4) Controlled fracture cutting: using high energy density laser beam to produce large thermal gradient and serious mechanical deformation on brittle materials, and heat evaporation to form a small groove, and then apply a certain external force to make brittle materials fracture along the small groove to form material incision. Controlled fracture cutting is mainly used for ceramic and round crystal scribing.

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