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Why do the metal laser cutting machines in Wuhan do well? These points will help you understand the





1. Wuhan Optical Valley - the world's 'Silicon Valley'

Wuhan East Lake New Technology Industrial Development Zone, referred to as 'East Lake high tech Zone' and 'East New', also known as 'China Optical Valley'. It was founded in 1988, approved by the State Council as the first batch of national high-tech zones in 1991, approved by the former State Planning Commission and the Ministry of science and technology as the national optoelectronic industry base in 2001, namely 'Wuhan · China Optical Valley', approved by the national development and Reform Commission as the national biological industry base in 2007, approved by the State Council as the second national independent innovation demonstration zone in 2009, and approved by the central organization department and the State Council in 2011 The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of the State Council of the State Council of the State Council has determined to be one of the four 'talent bases for centralized construction of central enterprises' in China. In 2016, it was approved as the first batch of national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases, and was approved as Wuhan area of China (Hubei) pilot free trade zone. Laser industry has always been the leader of domestic laser industry. After 30 years of accumulation, the development of Wuhan laser industry has formed 'five major' areas, namely Jiangan District, which is a small and medium-sized laser enterprise; Guanggu Avenue, which is a long corridor of laser industry; Guanggu Miaoshan, which is a science and Technology Park of Chinese industry; Qingshan District, which is steel laser welding; Zhuankou Development Zone, which is automobile laser welding. This is the famous place and feature of laser industry, Wuhan Optical Valley of Silicon Valley. The state strongly supports and develops here, and gathers the advanced technology and excellent talents of the whole photovoltaic industry. China's first laser cutting machine was also born in Wuhan. After all, Wuhan is the leader in laser industry. It integrates the advanced and core technology of photovoltaic industry. Most of the laser equipment manufacturers, machine tools and core accessories are purchased from Wuhan.






2. Wuhan laser generator industry leader

China made laser giant, Wuhan Ruike, so far in addition to the import of IPG and SPI, no one has dared to challenge it. So far, it has gradually replaced most of the imported lasers with good technical performance and superior geographical after-sales service. It is a company with good quality, large delivery volume and good customer service evaluation in the domestic laser brand. It is the only company with its own R & D and production capacity for all core devices in China. It is a key high-tech enterprise specialized in the R & D, production and sales of fiber laser and its key devices and materials. It has a national innovation team in key areas of high-power fiber laser and a national and local joint engineering research center of fiber laser technology. It is a global influential R & D of fiber laser from materials, devices to vertical integration of the whole machine , production and service providers. Ruike laser's main business includes providing fiber laser products and application solutions for laser manufacturing equipment integrators, and providing technical R & D services and customized production for customers.




3. Wuhan machine tool - strength makes brilliance

A machine tool with stable performance brings customers the process performance of technology and process, and also brings customers the real experience. The machine tool has low noise, good dynamic performance, and high cutting accuracy all year round, which depends on the stability and accuracy of the machine tool, as well as the high matching of the overall integration of guide rail and rack. Many machines are in trouble and can't be repaired properly. It's not a process problem, but a machine installation problem that exists before the equipment leaves the factory. These problems, no matter how to adjust and maintain in the later stage, can't be solved. When you come to Wuhan, you can see the powerful supporting technology. Wuhan is the leader in machine tool design and manufacturing technology. Wuchuan heavy industry, Sanjiang Aerospace, CSIC 461, Hanyang manufacturing, and steel casting are also no exception here. It's amazing that we have kept improving our craft, many years of teachers' craft and experience, and welding techniques in design. Many laser manufacturers, at any cost, gather talents and purchase machine tools from Wuhan.



4. Colleges and universities gather in Wuhan - only Chu Youcai

There are many talents in Wuhan, but Chu Youcai is the real university city. At present, there are more than 80 colleges and universities in Wuhan. There are more than one million college students in Wuhan, and the number of college students is more than one million, which is the first in the world. There are many colleges and universities here, Wuhan Huazhong University of science and technology, with professional directional optical talents. Here is Huangpu Military Academy of laser industry. No matter how well-known and publicized entrepreneurs come to inspect, as long as they are from the laser industry. It has to be said that they are all going out of Wuhan. Come to Wuhan to see the equipment. You can see the whole laser industry chain and upstream and downstream.





5. Convenient transportation in Wuhan - the thoroughfare of nine provinces

The nine province thoroughfare, also known as Wuhan, is located at the intersection of the golden waterway of the Yangtze River and the main artery of the Beijing Guangzhou railway. It is the largest water, land and air transportation hub in inland China. It is about 1000 kilometers away from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and other major cities in China. It is the 'heart' of China's economic geography, connecting the East, the West and the north. Whether it is the southernmost or the northernmost of China, Wuhan can reasonably take into account its advantages in transportation. Supply spare parts and professional technical personnel for offices in multiple regions and end customers. Compared with other cities, the core geographical location.




6. Wuhan Service - hardworking and indomitable

Under the potential influence of Taoist culture, people in Hubei are secretive, resourceful, and do not like to show their talents. They have both the savage and spiritual spirit of Chu people. They are intelligent, smart, brave and ruthless. They have the name of 'nine headed bird'. Sometimes they are too cunning and lose a lot due to their small size and lack of self-control.

The ups and downs of the Chu people -- a comprehensive view of history, when the north and the south are in opposition, Hubei will always become the focus of politics and even military affairs. Since then, Hubei has perked up and a large number of talents have emerged. The three points of the pre-Qin, the Three Kingdoms and the late Qing and the early Republic of China have become the curve of protruding peaks. The characters of the Han people are resilient, aggressive, and have a spirit of never giving up until they reach their goals. This spirit and frank In combination, they form a fearless character, which is even reflected in their way of life. They eat fried food in the dog days. In the hot summer, they still queue up to buy pancakes and chips. Cooks are sweating and standing in front of the frying pan, while diners are sweating and standing in front of the frying pan and so on. We don't care!

There is a joke that when a man goes to hell, the king of hell throws him into a frying pan to fry, but he is calm. When the king of Yan asked him why, he replied, 'I am from Wuhan.'. You say that the people of Wuhan are not afraid of cooking oil. What are they afraid of? Wuhan people are born with the characteristics of daring to be the first, pursuing excellence and enduring hardships. We are not afraid of heat or cold. We are more able to cope with the climate all over the country. No matter the weather is cold or hot, day or night, we are eager to meet the needs of customers. Our attentive and thoughtful service and patient working attitude are consistent with the style of Shuangcheng laser!






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