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Classification knowledge of fiber laser and pulse laser processing equipment





1) Classification by laser output mode

(1) continuous laser processing equipment: the characteristics of continuous laser processing equipment are that the excitation of working substance and corresponding laser output can be carried out continuously in a long time range. Solid laser excited by continuous light source and gas laser and semiconductor laser excited by continuous electricity belong to this category, such as fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine.

In the process of laser continuous operation, the device will produce overheat effect, so appropriate cooling measures should be taken.

(2) Pulse laser processing equipment: pulse laser processing equipment can be divided into secondary pulse and repetitive pulse laser processing equipment

① Single pulse laser processing equipment in the pulse laser processing equipment, the excitation of laser working material and laser emission is a single pulse process in terms of time. Some solid-state lasers, liquid lasers and gas lasers can operate in this way. The thermal effect of the device can be ignored. Therefore, some equipment may not take cooling measures.

Typical single pulse laser processing equipment includes laser drilling machine, jewelry welding machine, etc.

② Repetitive pulse laser processing equipment: repetitive pulse laser processing equipment. The laser outputs a series of repetitive laser pulses. The laser can be excited by repetitive pulses. Or continuously excite but modulate the laser oscillation process in a certain way to obtain the repetitive pulse laser output. At this time, effective cooling measures are usually required for the device.

There are many kinds of repetitive pulse laser processing equipment, such as solid laser welding machine, solid and gas marking machine.

2) Classification by laser type

According to the type of laser, laser processing equipment can be divided into solid and gas laser processing equipment.

For example, lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor side pumped (DP) laser marking machine, semiconductor end pumped (EP) laser marking machine, optical fiber marking machine, etc. belong to solid laser marking machine; lamp pumped RF CO2 marking machine, excimer marking machine, etc. belong to gas laser marking machine.

3) Classification by processing function

According to the classification of processing functions, laser processing equipment can be divided into three categories: laser macro processing equipment, laser micro processing equipment and laser micro nano manufacturing equipment.

At present, laser macro processing equipment is still the mainstream of laser processing equipment, including laser surface engineering (including laser surface treatment, laser quenching, laser spraying, laser vapor deposition and laser shock hardening, etc., laser marking can be classified in laser surface treatment), laser welding, laser cutting, laser additive manufacturing and other main process methods, corresponding to the following: Industrial laser processing system includes laser heat treatment machine, laser cutting machine, laser carving machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser drilling machine and laser marking machine, etc

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