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Pre sales service of Shuangcheng laser

1. Provide consultation: provide customers with information consultation on products, quotations, technologies, industry solutions, etc. the consultation channels include network, telephone, correspondence, etc;

2. Provide sample shooting and cutting video services: proofing and mailing for customers;

3. Sincerely welcome and provide reception services: customers can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall, visit the company's site, the company's reception staff, to provide customers with catering, transportation and other convenient conditions.

Service in sale of Shuangcheng laser

1. Deliver the equipment to the installation site within the specified time;

2. The after-sales service engineer will install and commission the machine within 2-5 days for the user to use. The installation and commissioning site environment is clean and orderly;

3. Our company provides training, trains the buyer's operators at the buyer's site or the seller's training and maintenance site until the operators basically use the equipment normally;

4. Integrity and fairness: regardless of the contract amount, regardless of new and old customers. Honest, fair and just treatment.

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