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Talent is the only way to show the truth
Core concept: let people who want to do things have opportunities, people who can do things have stage, people who do things have status and treatment. Only talent is to be used.
Endless learning, innovation and Transcendence
The endless innovation of learning is better than learning and creation. Quality is the life of an enterprise. Quality is the key to success. Xiongguan road is really like iron. Now, we are stepping forward from the beginning. With our heart and soul, we can create a business philosophy, and let the corporate culture live forever.
Service first, quality as important as Taishan
All based on the customer demand value, double into the laser cycle high-quality products return to the market business philosophy

Passion creation and sharing
We are all dreamers. The process of dream pursuing is happy. Let every employee have dreams and beliefs, let every employee find fun, passion and achievements in their work, and create happiness and value for individuals
Both ability and virtue take virtue first
The principle of double success laser is to have both morality and ability, and to stand on the basis of quality first. The selection and use of talents should be in accordance with the requirements of overall measurement and having both ability and morality. We should adhere to the principle that whether there is virtue or not is a mediocre person, whether there is talent or not is a villain, and that virtue and talent should not be ignored
Pragmatic, realistic, practical and knowledge tested
Practice the first principle. 'It takes three days to test the jade and seven years to distinguish it.'. Over the years, all kinds of professionals who come to work in our company have been assigned to the production line of the workshop first, so that they can exercise and improve in practice, and then pass the public examination and select the best.

People oriented
Innovation, Zhiyuan, honest, meticulous, scientific and technological innovation, production, lean research and development, surpassing


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